10 Tips for Surviving Your Move in the Middle of the NJ School Year

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It’s really hard to move kids in the middle of the school year – leaving their friends and teachers behind can be a real emotional challenge, but there are things you can do to make the move easier on everyone.

For more information on how you can make your mid-school move easier on your children, contact your local movers for more information.

In the meantime, check out some of our top tips for moving in the middle of the NJ school year, and helping your kids transition seamlessly into their new home and school environment.

Contact the new school as soon as you know you’re moving.

When you know you’re going to be moving your kids in the middle of the school year, contact the school right away. They’ll know if there’s anything your kids will need to prepare for the big day.

Keep your school routine until you’re gone.

Stay in the exact same routine while you’re in the process of the move. Homework, dinner and playtime all at the same times. This will help your kids have a sense of security during the big move, and not be overwhelmed by the fact that their whole world is changing.

Celebrate the home you’re leaving with your kids.

You’re excited to get to your new home, but you and your kids have also probably had a lot of really great time in the old home. Celebrate some of the old times you’ve had with your kids, or maybe throw a party. It will help with the morale as the move continues.

Kids react in many different ways to a move – one size doesn’t fit all.

You should expect anything from your kids when it comes to this move. Everyone reacts in different ways. Some kids might be excited for the change, while others might fight you every step of the way. Either way, make sure they know everything will be okay in the end.

Involve the kids in house hunting to get them excited.

It might help your kids to get excited if they’re involved in picking the new home with you. Let them pick their new bedroom, and get excited about the move.

Consider letting your teen stay throughout the school year.

For teens, moving in the middle of the school year can be a serious detriment both socially and academically. If your student is in a position where it might seriously damage their path, consider letting them stay with a friend or family member to finish out the year.

Get involved in the new school yourself.

Every school has activities that parents can be involved in. Getting into your kid’s new life might help them adjust in the interim.

Get your children involved in activities as soon as possible.

After school activities are some of the best ways to make new friends and meet new people. Getting your child involved in these activities is one of the best ways to help them build new relationships in their new home.

Take them to play tourist in your new town.

Finally, take them out and show them around. If you’re playing tourist, they might get excited about some of the new things that are around that they can do and have fun with.

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