15 Tips for Moving in New Jersey You Can’t Live Without

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Moving in New Jersey (NJ) can be a pain, especially if you’re moving in the winter months. If you’re looking for NJ movers to help you with your move this winter, here are a couple of must-have tips for moving in NJ.

For more information on how you can make your move run smoothly, contact your local NJ Movers for a quote and a consultation.

Keep this tips in mind before you start packing up the boxes for your NJ move this season.

Build a labeling system before you start boxing.

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If you know how you’re going to label your boxes beforehand, everything will feel more organized as it’s going into the boxes.

Take boxes from places like Barnes and Noble or Target.

Boxes from stores like these will likely be in much better shape than the typical boxes you’ll find behind your local grocery store – there’s no food to spill in these.

Use folder labels to mark location.

Folder labels are good for more than just marking labels – use them to mark the location of where the boxes go in your new house to help out your NJ movers.

Keep your boxes at relatively the same size.

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NJ movers will be happy to see that most of your boxes are relatively the same size – this will make packing the boxes into the truck easier, as well as unloading easier. It will also stop your belongings from shaking around in the back of the truck so much.

Take items from the back of the closet first.

Pack the stuff you don’t use as much first – this way you’re not packing away things you might need before move-in day.

Buy your boxes for the easiest but priciest solution.

Getting hand-me-down boxes from other places is definitely a cheaper option, but buying boxes will ensure that they are all the same size, and that they’re in good quality condition to move your belongings.

Newsprint should be used to wrap the breakables.

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Newsprint is the best wrapping material to pack up your breakables – have a ton of it on hand when you’re packing up the kitchen.

Pillow cases and giant bags can hold your linens.

Everything that is relatively shaped like a bag can turn into a bag on moving day. Pillow cases are a great use for storing different types of linens, and help keep like things with like things.

Save any junk mail to use as packing material.

Junk mail and newspring are useful when you’re moving – don’t let the junk mail hit the trash until you’re finished packing (you might need it).

Use a number system for things you need to find quickly.

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If you need to find items in boxes quickly, number the boxes and keep a list of which items went in which numbered box. This way, you won’t find yourself searching for different items when you get to your new home.

Budget for the move ahead of time.

Moving isn’t cheap – try to budget for the furniture, moving company and other expenses that you might need before you start packing. Otherwise, you could end up spending more than you planned for.

Consider the possibility that you might need to vacate your new place quickly.

Sometimes things can take a turn for the worse – try to have some money in your savings account so that you can vacate your new place quickly if you have to.

Roommates should come with a trial period.

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Roommates don’t always work out – if you’re moving in with a new roommate, give both yourself and that other person a trial period to see if the relationship will work out.

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