3 Preparations for your Business Move

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People all over the United States are constantly moving, ending leases, signing new ones, and trying to find the ideal spot to call home. Moving is a process that can definitely grow tiresome not only for uprooting your personal life, but for uprooting your business life as well. Families aren’t the only things capable of growth, companies are as well and with the growth of a company comes an expansion in employees and the need for more space.

Whether your company’s cause for moving is a space issue or a location preference, handle your company’s move in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. The best way to do this is to hire an NJ commercial moving company. And although the moving company will take care of the majority of the stress and strain that comes with moving, there are some important steps you as a business owner can take to prepare for your company’s move.

1. Getting an Estimate

After doing some research of moving companies in New Jersey, the company you have chosen will come to your place and complete an inventory and estimate for your move based on the size of your office, the amount of furniture you have, how many movers will be required, etc. This estimate will also include the amount of boxes and moving material necessary including things from bubble wrap and boxes to furniture wrap. The price will also depend on how far your office is moving. Staying within the state and even within the same city will keep the price of moving significantly lower. It’s important to maintain your company finances during a time like this. Starting over in a new space can initiate a lot of new, initial expenses, so it’s important to calculate in the money it will take to move.

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2. Packing

This may sound like a funny first step being that the moving company will be doing the majority of your packing and moving– but for those of us who want to keep certain private memorabilia only in our hands, go ahead and pack some of your own smaller belongings. Do some premature packing by putting away photos and, tape, and your personal calendar. This will make packing by the professionals a much simpler process, and one in which they won’t have to worry so much about ruining anything personal of yours.

commercial moving in NJ

3. Insurance and Protection

Commercial moving companies in NJ have a lot of expensive business equipment they are responsible for when moving your office from one office to another. From computers to fax machines to furniture and other office equipment, there is a lot they could be liable for. That’s why it’s important to purchase coverage prior to moving. There are different degrees of coverage to consider and should be weighed based on the delicacy of your supplies. Commercial moving companies in New Jersey are going to take all precautions they can to efficiently box up your things and keep anything from breaking, but accidents happen. There are less intense protection options that include percentage refunds of items lost or broken and then there are maximum protection coverages that include full refunds of items lost or broken in the moving process.

After communicating with the commercial moving company in NJ and setting a date(s) for the move, you are free to do your part of the packing and then mentally just relax! This is the time to get excited for your new space and to prepare your employees for their move to the new office. They will also be responsible for packing their personal belongings. For any consultation or service questions you may have about a commercial or residential move, contact us today!


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