5 Items Your Shouldn’t Have Your Moving Company Move

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Moving really makes homeowners and renters take into consideration the idea of necessity. What do I really NEED? Moving is a good time to think about this in terms of reevaluation and donation. People may not want the exact same look or vibe at their new place, and in that case should not hesitate to donate certain things in their present house.

Another important reason to consider necessity is because moving can be a big pain! So, the less you can move the better, in terms of finance and ease. Your chosen moving company may even charge you per pound (this is usually the case in farther moves). So, lightening your load of household items you aren’t overly fond of can be a great way to save as well. Here are some household items you may want to think twice about before moving:

1. Forgotten Kitchen Appliances

It’s common to accumulate lots of kitchen appliances, whether it’s an ice cream maker or a cheesecake pan, or maybe even a blender that barely works. While it’s nice to have the option of these appliances, are you actually using them? Start fresh in your next home and don’t pack up those unused kitchen appliances.

2. Gardening Tools You Won’t Use

Does your next place have a yard? Will you need that rake…and that weed killer…and that lawn mower? If the answer is no, don’t even bother having your moving company move these household items for you.

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3. Books, Books, Books

For the avid readers out there, close your eyes. Books are wonderful, timeless pieces of art, but they can also be very, very heavy. And people tend to accumulate a lot of them. So for people who have chosen a moving company who will charge based on weight, books are important items to consider leaving behind or donating. Perhaps give every member of your family the opportunity to take two of their favorite books, or maybe more! Just try and set some sort of boundary for ease and finance sake.

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4. Unused Sports Equipment

When was the last time you used that old treadmill? Or got on that rusty bike in the garage? Don’t just assume that every piece of sports equipment must come with you to the next house. Evaluate what you are actually using. And if you will belong to a gym near your new house, do you need some of that equipment? And will there be room in your new place? These are all good questions to consider.

5. Furniture You’re Really Not Fond Of

Everyone has one. That one chair from your great aunt that you feel you just can’t live without. Well, maybe this move will be the time when you CAN live without it. Or if you don’t feel like giving up a piece of furniture that has momentous value to you, maybe give up some furniture that you just know will not fit in your next home, or is so worn you no longer want guests sitting on it. Furniture can be super heavy and super bulky when it comes to filling up the moving van. So really think on it before you just assume all of your furniture is coming with you to your next place.

Eliminating the things you don’t need, prior to moving can be a great step in the starting over process. It also makes it a lot easier on you and your moving company. So bring what you need and donate the rest! If you or anyone you know is looking for a moving company in NJ, give us a call today at Meelheim’s! Our wonderful, experienced staff will be glad to make your move a smooth, easy process.

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