5 NJ Movers Tips for Moving with Kids

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Moving in New Jersey (NJ) with kids can be a hassle. Kids get tired and bored easily of monotonous tasks, and they’re not exactly organized when packing up all of their toys to get on the move. During the moving process, they can get in the way if they’re being rowdy, and even worse, possibly hurt.

When looking for NJ movers, be sure to let them know ahead of time if you have young kids. They will be able to help in the process, making the packing and moving easier for the kids and your entire family.

For more information how how you can easily pack and move your belongings to your new home in NJ, contact your local NJ movers to discuss pricing and a timeline.

Luckily, you don’t have to just bear the chaos when you are moving with kids. Below are some great tips for not only keeping kids occupied when moving your belongings, but turning the moving process into a game so it’s fun for everyone.

“I Spy,” The Moving Version

This old favorite is a verbal identification game, and is both fun and education for kids. It’s an effective method for taking stock of your kids toys. It is also an opportunity to hone in on how to communicate descriptions, and it allows kids to keep an ongoing understanding of what’s happening in their home. It can be used to keep track of what has been packed and what hasn’t, which is particularly useful for the moving scavenger hunt described below.

Moving Scavenger Hunt

Distracted children can become willing helpers in no time. Kids will benefit when their parents plan and lay out a treasure hunt for them, and everything they collect strikes an item off the packing list. NJ Movers can assist in this game when hired as well, as kids can watch them pick up items and move them back out to the car. If played directly after I Spy, they will have somewhat of a memory of each item’s location. Remember, hide all hazardous objects before letting kids go off searching for things.

Hide and Seek, the Safe Way

Turn excess clutter into a game by playing a version of hide and seek with your kids. It’s entertaining, and will help your kids stay quiet and more relaxed for some of the moving process. Make sure only safe places in the home are allowed for hiding spaces in the game, and then let the kids show off their ability to be invisible. Keep the game fun and exciting by not having them hide for long periods of time.

Basketball with Non-Breakables

Non-breakable items can be quickly rounded up with a quick game of basketball. A laundry basket can collect any clothing that might be lingering, and your kids can toss the lingering clothing into the basket. In the same fashion, stuffed animals can also be swiftly thrown into a suitcase or a storage bin in order to make moving more fun. This game can rapidly clear out a home, and it is a perfect way to prepare boxes to be put in an extra storage space unit.

Two Minute Foot Race

Avoid an emotional first night in your new home by packing a separate overnight bag with all of the kid’s sentimental belongings. A child knows best what he or she needs, so come up with a fast-paced game to get him or her to collect all of the essential toys quickly. Observing the toys chosen can also provide valuable insight into the interests of your kids. The task can efficiently maintain basic comforts while adjusting to the new home.

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