6 Tips for Moving in the Winter and the Snow

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Moving in New Jersey (NJ) and the surrounding areas can be a pain – snow, icy rain and other weather atrocities can make the process pretty horrible, but you do have the option to prepare for the bad weather move beforehand with NJ movers.

For more information on how to prepare for a move in the bad weather, contact your local moving professionals to ensure you’re prepared for every surprise.

Check out some top tips below to help you prepare for a possible move in the winter weather, and keep your family safe and dry during your move this holiday season.

Don’t pack the winter clothing and supplies.

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When you’re packing up the closets, keep the winter boots, snow pants, and any other winter supplies you may need for your area out of the boxes. Keeping these tools handy will help you stay prepared for even the worst weather on move-in day.

Even if you don’t end up needing your supplies – packing them last has its benefits. Having a box with winter supplies loaded into the truck by the NJ movers last means it will be one of the first loaded off the truck at your new destination.

Check the weather periodically – plan a snow date.

Keeping an eye on the weather kind of seems like an obvious piece of advice, but this can get complicated if you’re trying to book a moving truck or a moving team to come help you move.

Discuss the possibility with your NJ movers before you set a date – the company might be willing to provide you with a “rain date,” to ensure that you have a successful and safe move in the face of bad winter weather.

You’ll probably need more hands on deck.

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If you’re not considering hiring NJ movers to help you move this year, you should consider it if you’re trying to change homes in the winter. Even if their isn’t bad weather on the day you decide to move, an icy or cold ground can make the moving process more dangerous – a terrain that would be much better for a professional to navigate.

Take care of the pets before moving day.

Consider boarding your pets before moving day in the winter – especially if you have pets that you don’t let outdoors. During moving day, doors and windows are likely to be wide open in every area of the house, and it becomes harder to keep animals contained.

Not to mentions that your little loved ones will be cold with all those open doors and windows in your house, and are likely not going to be able to move to a warmer area for hours at a time. boarding the animals ahead of time will help alleviate this problem.

Keep aware of your body temperature.

Make sure you’re paying attention to drinking water, eating snacks, and your body temperature while you’re moving this year. The cold means that you’re more likely to slow down a bit quicker than you might be used to – so make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your family during your winter move.

Use supplies throughout to keep your things clean and dry.

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Moving in the snow and the rain means things are likely to get muddy and wet, even with the use of NJ movers. Keep a supply of cheap or old towels to clean off your furniture and boxes if they’re loaded into the truck with mud or water on them.

Not only will this prevent damage to your belongings, but it will ensure that you don’t track mud and dirt into your new home in the process.

Meelheims Moving provides local, long distance and commercial moving services – and has been for over 50 years. Call us for assistance with your winter move.


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  • Deanna

    Excellent suggestions. We have to move at the beginning of the new year and could potentially run into some of these conditions. These are all nice to know when the time comes. Thank you!

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