6 Ways Moving Companies in NJ Need to Cater to Pregnant Moms

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One of the top reasons that families in New Jersey (NJ) choose to move homes is for a very happy reason – their family is expanding. For some families, this means that a new mom may have to move during her pregnancy, which can be tough physically on her.

A good NJ moving company will be able to cater to a pregnant mother as she is going to be more sensitive to the moving process than most adults.

For more information on how you can find professional help to help you move during your pregnancy, contact your local moving companies in NJ to find the best for you and your family.

If you are pregnant and will be pregnant during your family’s moving process, check out our tips below on how a good moving company should be able to cater to a pregnant mother.

Drink Lots of Water

Everyone should be aware – including the moving company – that a pregnant woman should have access to water at all times during the moving process. Water should be provided for everyone, but dehydration can be detrimental to a child in utero.

Make sure there is always water on-site and it is readily available for everyone who may need it.

They Need to Lift Everything – Even the Light Stuff

In the case of moving with a pregnant woman, she should not be lifting anything, no matter how light it is. The movers should be lifting all of the boxes, with her guidance should it be needed or should she want to provide it.

Physical strain is not good for a pregnant woman, and the stretching of muscles or the pain that can come from this physical labor isn’t healthy for her or her child.

They Will Cater to Your Doctor’s Advice

Chances are, the woman has spoken with her doctor in regards to the moving process and that actions that are or are not safe for her to perform on moving day. If she indicates that she is not able to do something because of her pregnancy, the best moving companies in NJ will be able to cater to this need and fill in the gaps where necessary.

Listen to the Customer – Let Her Rest When Needed

Because she is pregnant, the woman may need to rest more often than during a normal process. The best moving companies in NJ will realize this and fill in the gaps where needed.

Rest is one of the most important aspects of this process. The bottom line is that a woman experiencing a pregnancy will not be able to exert large amounts of physical energy. All movers and family members involved in the process need to keep this in mind.

They Understand the Process Needs to Start Early

The moving process will be a little bit slower with a pregnant woman, as she needs to be careful about moving and physical labor. A good mover will start early, and move at her pace with her direction in order to cater to her condition.

They Cater to the 4 Hour Rule

Many times, women are told by their doctors to cater to the 4 hour rule. Every four hours of movement and physical activity, they need to sit down and rest in order to recover and allow their bodies to recuperate. Good movers will understand this and help her accordingly.

Meelheims Transfer & Storage, Inc. is a family moving, transfer and storage company based in South Toms River, NJ. We’re here to help your NJ Move go as smoothly as possible. For more information on how we can assist you in your move, contact us.

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