7 Tips on Moving in with Your Parents as an Adult

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Moving back in with your parents is always stressful – you sometimes aren’t doing well in your life when it happens, or you might be moving back in because they need some extra help.

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Whatever the reason, it’s always stressful to move back in with your parents, so we’d like to share a few tips on how to make the living situation and the move as easy as possible for everyone.

Be upfront with your parents about your plans, and be honest with yourself.

Are you staying with your parents for a long time? Are you planning on moving out in a few months? Are you going to treat their house like a crash pad?

If you know the answer to these questions ahead of time, talk to your parents about it before you move back in with them. If everything about the situation is out on the table at the beginning, then there will be less surprises after move-in day.

They’re like roommates – be considerate.

Even though they’re your parents, they deserve the same treatment that you would give a regular roommate. Don’t blast your music really late, eat all of their food, or generally treat them like their rules don’t matter.

Respect their house rules, you can do what you want when you’re out.

When you go out with your friends, you can do whatever you want. The fact that you’re an adult does not mean you can have wild parties in their household if that’s not their preference. Respect the rules that they have, since it is their household.

Do chores without being asked – you live there now too.

It wouldn’t hurt to pitch in on the chores every once in awhile. You don’t have to turn into the maid, but emptying the dishwasher, sweeping the floor every once in awhile or doing other odd jobs around the house will go a long way in the way of respect.

Offer to pitch in for groceries, cleaning supplies and other household items.

You’re an adult now – and it is no longer the job of your parents to support you. If you’re eating a lot of their food, causing them to go through more cleaning items or using up a ton of their household items, offer to pitch in to replace them.

Run errands every once in awhile if you’re not in a position to chip in regularly.

Moving back in with your parents means that you might not be in a position to help out monetarily. Try to chip-in in other ways by offering to run errands for your parents. It will help them feel a little less stressed out in their own household.

Hang out with them – they love you.

Spend some time with your parents, they’re probably glad you’re around even if it’s just temporary. Take some time out to specifically hang out with them some days, and get to know one another a little bit better as an adult.

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