9 Tricks for an Organized and Easy NJ Moving Company Experience

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Moving is always a stressful experience – and amidst all the chaos, the thought of staying organized can feel like a joke.

Between the piles of boxes, bags of stuff, donation bins, children running around and pets moving through the house, it’s a wonder you can get anything packed in the first place. Staying organized – although it seems like an impossible feat – can help keep the chaos at bay.

For more information on how you can use a NJ moving company to help you stay organized in your move, contact your local leading movers today.

Until then, these are our ten tips on staying organized for an easy move:

Don’t have a cluttered home when the moving company comes.

If you’re NJ moving company is coming, and you’re not completely done packing, things can get chaotic. Keep the clutter at bay if everything isn’t already in a box – and consider having an empty room to temporarily store all the items you want your moving company to handle.

Have boxes sorted by size.

When the movers come, they’re going to want to pack the truck in the most efficient way possible, so you can get as much of your items inside safely in one trip as possible. Having boxes organized by size will make this process run more smoothly.

Prioritize boxes with the A-B-C system.

The stuff that’s priority A is the stuff that needs to come out of the box first. This will make choosing the boxes with the most important items a breeze, as you will know where the most important items are with just a glance.

If it’s fragile, mark the box and let the NJ movers know.

Just marking the box fragile isn’t enough – there’s a chance that marking won’t be seen. Group all of the boxes with fragile items together, and let the moving company know verbally that those are the boxes that need to be handled with care.

The big boxes should be packed with light items.

If you back heavy items such as books into large boxes, the integrity of the box might not hold and it could break. Not to mention – big heavy boxes are hard to carry. It will make the moving process and the unpacking process easier if you pack the heavy stuff into smaller boxes.

Don’t forget the survival kit.

The first night that you’re in your new home, you’re going to need a survival kit. Pack this with toothbrushes, medications, a change of clothes and any other items that you  can’t live without for a day should they not be unpacked in time.

Have someone else watch the kids on moving day.

If possible, you should find someone who would be willing to watch your kids for a few hours when the movers come. This will help to move the process along faster, and keep the whole family safe.

Make the environment pet safe.

If your pets are going to be in your home on moving day, make sure you have a safe and secure place for them to stay while the movers are moving heavy furniture and other items in and out of your home.

Communicate with your NJ moving company before moving day.

Lastly, get on the phone with your move-in company before move-in day just to make sure you’re on the same page with time and locations. This will make sure that all parties involved are on time and best prepared for your move.

Meelheims Moving provides local, long distance and commercial moving services – and has been for over 50 years. Call us for assistance with your NJ move.

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  • Jordan

    Great tips here! Always good to know ways to make moving just a little easier. Thanks for sharing!

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