Benefits of Offsite Archive Storage

 In Offsite Archive Storage

As the digital age takes a stronghold on the business world, more and more companies are realizing the benefits of offsite archive storage. Whether you feel your office is too cluttered with old files or you are nervous about the security of these documents, an offsite archive storage facility will give you all the organization and security you need.

Secure Outdated or Important Files

When you look at the file cabinet, closet, shelf, or wherever it is that you keep your files, how many of them are dated back two years or more? Probably a good amount. There may be some files that have been saved for no reason, but there may also be a lot of files that needed to be saved and kept secure for an unknown amount of time. This is where archive storage can really benefit your business.

There are two ways that your documents could be in harm’s way if they remained stored in your office. The first being that unauthorized personnel could easily gain access to all of your archives. The second being that whatever room you keep them in most likely doesn’t have the environment needed to keep paper documents from being damaged over time. For example, keeping your files in a storage closet could easily expose them to moisture causing papers to erode.

Stay Organized and Indexed

Over time, files can become cluttered and disorganized. No matter how much you try to keep a good record, it eventually becomes a task that no one in the office has time to handle. You don’t want your employees using their time to organize files when they could be working on something with a higher priority level.

Benefits of Offsite Archive Storage

When you use an offsite archive storage facility, they come to your office to collect, organize and index all of your files. You don’t have to do anything except show them where your files are kept, they do the rest.

Access and Adjust

The hesitation associated with using an offsite archive storage facility stems from the idea that businesses will not be able to access important files if need be. But the truth is, you can easily access your files whenever you need them. Most storage facilities can make your documents available to you within one hour upon request. If you need your documents delivered, this can be done by the following day or the same day in a case of emergency.

Along with being able to access your documents at any time, you can also add more documents to your archives whenever necessary. Storage facilities offer interfiling which means you can have new documents indexed into your existing files.

Shredding and Destruction of Documents

When you no longer need certain documents, your archive storage provider can safely and securely destroy them. With files that have important company information on them, it is important that you just don’t throw them away. Financial records and employee information is extremely sensitive and could lead to a cyber-hacking situation if they are not  disposed of properly.

Benefits of Offsite Archive Storage

Your archive storage facility will make sure that your documents are handled properly. Anything that needs to be discarded will be pass through a shredder to ensure no company information can be leaked to the wrong person.

Offsite Archive Storage is the Most Secure Filing Cabinet

Offsite archive storage is becoming the number one option for businesses to store their important or classified documents. Meelheims Transfer and Storage specializes in records and archives storage, with a proven tracking and retrieval system. Using our 13,000 square foot facility we will help you organize and secure all of your most important documents. Contact us today to get started with your offsite archive storage.


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