Commercial Moving Tips for your Business – Know What’s Important

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No matter what the circumstances are for moving your business, it is important to be completely prepared well in advance. You want to make sure that your employees can continue working leading up to the move and that they are able to hit the ground running once you’re in your new location. Failure to prepare for your move can have repercussions for your business. Hiring a commercial moving company is your best option. Be sure to understand all the necessary steps to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Inform Your Employees

When you make the decision to move your office location, the first thing you should do is inform your employees. You never want your employees to be in the dark about important company information. Also, state laws sometimes require a certain amount of notice be given to employees before a move.

Informing your employees well in advance is beneficial for a few reasons. It gives them time to relay the message to clients or vendors, they can change mailing addresses for anything they have sent to the office, and they can pack up any personal items that they have on their desk or in their office. Give your employees a checklist to remind them of everything that they are responsible for before, during, and after the move.

Commercial Moving Tips for your Business - Know What's Important , commercial movers in nj

Take Inventory

Take inventory of everything in the office. Office supplies, furniture, computers, printers, etc. Everything must be accounted for.

Before the move is a good time to decide if you want to get rid of anything or buy new equipment and office supplies. Do an evaluation of all of your furniture and electronic equipment. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade something, now is the perfect time to do it. Throw out the old item and have the new one delivered to your new office location.

Change Your Business Address

As you get closer to your move, you want to get ready to change your business address wherever it is listed. Update your website, social media pages, Google My Business, and any other web page that has your business information. When you give your employees a checklist, be sure to include changing the business address and phone number on their email signature.

Have Managers Present During the Move

When the day of the move comes, you want to have a manager or two present. These managers will be responsible for facilitating the move, answering any questions that the movers have. Make sure the managers who are present know exactly what needs to be done during the move.

It is important to only have a one or two managers present during the day of the move. If you have too many of your employees present, they could inadvertently get in the way. This could cause moving delays and prevent you from opening the new location on time.

Keep All Receipts

Lastly, you want to keep all of the receipts that are related to the move. Moving from one office building to another can be very expensive. Keeping your receipts will ensure that you can file for all possible tax deductions that you qualify for.

Commercial Moving Tips for your Business - Know What's Important

Commercial Moving Services for Your Business

Anyone who has ever moved from one home to another knows how stressful it can be. Moving from one business location to another will be even more stressful. Meelheims Transfer and Storage, Inc. will take away some of that stress for you. With over 50 years of experience, our commercial moving services will make your moving experience quick and simple. Remember preparation is key so start planning today!

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