Why Hire Professional Movers for Specialty Items

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If you are preparing for a move, you may find that certain items simply can not be shipped by traditional means. For example, you can’t move a piano, car, or pool table in the same way you can move boxes of clothing. Those considering moving these specialty items by themselves are faced with many challenges. Moving specialty items is best left up to professional movers.  


Do you have packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and packing paper sitting around in your home? What about dollies, straps, and a hand truck? Chances are, you don’t. This is where professional movers come in. Most specialty items are valuable and should be protected by any means possible. The professionals have packing equipment and containers that make it safer and easier to move.

In addition to packing and light moving equipment, professional movers have trucks big enough to transport your specialty items. Those with a pickup truck can move some stuff, but when it comes to things like cars and pianos, the average person simply can’t do it. Rather than going out and buying all the necessary supplies that you probably will only use once, call a professional mover and they will take care of you.

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Tips and Tricks

Another benefit of hiring professional movers is their expert knowledge and experience. While they take all possible precautions to prevent damage, the professionals know the small steps necessary to ensure a safe and efficient move. For example, professional movers know to empty the gasoline from a motorcycle before the move. Many independent movers would leave the gas in the tank, running the risk of a spill that could ruin the rest of their belongings. Another example is how professional movers know where to position a dolly when rolling a piano. A simple gap in knowledge could end up ruining your valuables.

Valuation Coverage

If you move without hiring professional movers, all damage done to your specialty items is on you. Professional movers offer valuation coverage. They will pay a specific amount of money for items that were directly damaged by the moving company. This is very beneficial for those without insurance on their specialty items. However, valuation coverage is not all encompassing so purchasing insurance on top of it is recommended.

Why Hire Professional Movers for Specialty Items


Another benefit of hiring professional movers for specialty items is convenience. Most of us are not handymen and the disassembly and assembly of specialty items can be difficult. Trained professionals know to how to take apart specialty items and put them back together. They can efficiently break down and set up items like swingsets and pool tables, which can be quite a pain to do. Hiring professionals is going to result in a faster, more efficient move. Moving can be stressful and making the process quick and convenient can be a big relief.

Finding the Right Professional Movers

All of these benefits depend on how experienced and professional the mover you choose is. For over 50 years, Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage has provided expert service in both moving and storage. Moving specialty items is just one of several services they offer. We are a member of trusted organizations like the American Moving and Storage Association, the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association, the Better Business Bureau, as well as the Toms River-Ocean County Chamber of Commerce. These renown establishments vouch for Meelheim’s, so you know you are in good hands. If you need to move pool tables, pianos, vehicles and motorcycles, jet skis, antiques, chandeliers, or any other large, delicate, or expensive item, Meelheim’s is the best option. Contact us. Our trusted, professional movers are ready to assist you.

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