Long Distance Moving

Any move that travels across state lines within the continental United States

About Long Distance Moves

These moves can be among the most stressful since they are more involved. Trust your move to the extra care the Meelheim’s professional staff provides.

Packing Materials Available

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Shrink wrap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper

Storage Options

Some moves require items be stored while you are in transit between homes. Meelheim’s has a safe, secure, and clean storage warehouse on-site at their headquarters in Toms River, New Jersey. We ensure all of your items are securely stored during your transition to your new home.

Estimating a Long Distance Move

A Meelheim’s representative will come to your home to perform an on-site, detailed estimate. Long distance move estimates are based on the weight of your shipment and the distance you are traveling. Each estimate includes any additional services your move may require, such as storage or packing/unpacking. A half century of experience in the industry ensures our estimate is accurate and dependable.

Long Distance Moving Process

  1. On move day, our team will arrive promptly at your current location to begin your move.
  2. We will provide a detailed inventory of all of your possessions for the move.
  3. Throughout the move, we will professionally prep your current home and your destination home to ensureall floors and doorways of both locations are fully protected.
  4. We will blanket-wrap all of your furniture and plastic stretch wrap your upholstered furniture prior to loading, included.
  5. Expert packing and crating services are available.
  6. Your beds are professionally disassembled at origin and reassembled in your new home.
  7. We will do every thing we can to ensure that all of your possessions go to the specific place that you desire in your new home.
  8. Weekly van line service to East Coast states available. Van line service to all other locations in the continental United States is available bi-weekly.
  9. Ask about our senior citizen discounts!
  10. Our staff is available throughout your move to keep you up to date with the in-transit position and status of your possessions.

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You will be treated like you are family by our staff. We stake our name on it!

Long Distance Movers
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Long Distance Movers
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A long distance move is any move that crosses state lines but stays within the continental US. Long Distance Movers NJ providing quotes & top service.
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