Maintaining a Healthy Family Through a Move

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For independents and families who are mid-move there is so much to think about, it gets to be a bit overwhelming. However, planning ahead and hiring an NJ moving company can take a lot of the stresses and strains off of your shoulders. With the help of a moving company, you’ll have the opportunity to think of other things like new keeping your family healthy through the move. Here are some important things to remember when it comes to this:

Keep a First Aid Kit Nearby

When you pack up your boxes, it’s crucial to think about levels of importance. What things are you going to want as soon as you get to your new place? Maybe a tool box to hang things? Or some snacks to munch on mid-move. A first aid kit should be high up on that list as well. There are all kinds of accidents that could ensue while moving from bumps and bruises, to scratches or burns. So keep a first aid kit close for you and for the movers helping you.

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New Emergency Contact List

Depending on how far your move is, you may have to look into getting a new doctor, dentist, pharmacist, eye doctor, and so much more in your new area. Start working on some of this ahead of time so you don’t find yourself panicked when an emergency arises. Once some of these new physicians have been chosen, make sure to jot down their numbers and stick them on the side of the fridge at your new home.

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Different family members and friends may or may not be close by now that you have moved. Make sure to have the phone number of the family member in closest proximity written down and on the side of the refrigerator as well.

Transfer Family Medical Records

Along the same lines of finding a new doctor or dentist is keeping track of your medical records during a move. This is especially important for your children or anyone in your family who is regularly seeing a doctor. If the move is a decent distance away, get a copy of your medical records before you move and have them stored away in a safe place and specially marked box for when you begin unpacking at your new place. Again, hiring an NJ moving company will allow you the time and energy to take care of these smaller, often forgotten tasks. You won’t have to worry about renting a uhaul or finding a million boxes, because your NJ moving company will be able to help provide transportation and moving supplies if necessary.  

Order Last Minute Medications

One last health precaution to take prior to a move is ordering last minute medications. Amidst the mayhem of a move, you don’t want to have to worry about finding a new pharmacy that accepts your insurance and will fill a prescription for you. So if you or anyone in your family takes a medication regularly, get it filled before you move to buy yourself some time before you have to worry about a refill.

Moving efficiently and cost effectively is important, but the health and safety of your family is always a top priority. Make sure to consider these four tips prior to moving, so that if any sort of emergency comes up, your family will be ready and prepared to handle it. Hiring an NJ moving company can make all the difference when it comes to easing your mind and managing stress during a move. Give us a call at Meelheim’s and we can move you to where you need to go!

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