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Moving to a far away place can be a difficult decision. Even tougher than deciding to move is actually going through with it. Long distance moving companies are the best resource to help you get through this process. Here are a few tips that make long distance moves easier.  


When planning your move, you will find that your belongings are in need of some serious cleaning. Chances are, your new location will be pristine and ready for new residents. If you skip this cleaning step, you will be moving the dirt and dust in with you. It is a good strategy to clean your belongings as you carry out the rest of the packing process.  

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It is always a good idea to give your old living space a thorough cleaning before you set out on your journey. This will be appreciated by your landlord if you were renting or those moving into your old home.


The most difficult part of downsizing is deciding what you should keep. Do you really need to pack up your entire closet before you move across the country? Gathering and donating clothing that doesn’t fit can go a long way in saving space and simplifying your move. Do you have a stack of old magazines that you finished reading months ago? Move that pile into the recycling bin. Are your plates and silverware worth keeping? Consider leaving them behind and adorning your new kitchen with new products.

Do you really need to bring that damaged computer chair or old bed mattress across the entire country? When preparing to move, take the opportunity to assess how important your furniture actually is to you. Consider replacing pieces you don’t need at your new location.

When you hire long distance moving companies, you will be given several choices for the size of your moving truck.  Bringing your old mattress and ancient bed frame could mean paying for a larger moving truck. Sometimes you can actually save money by getting rid of furniture. Using a smaller moving truck, you will be able to save money to use on furnishing and decorating your new home.Look up local furniture stores at your new location and weigh out your options before having long distance moving companies lug unnecessary furniture across the country.



When taking the step of moving far away, organization is key. Separate your belongings into categories, and start packing strategically. You might decide to pack all of your fragile items together and take extra precautions when moving those boxes. Or you could try spreading everything out by packing fragile items among objects like pillows and blankets. This choice depends on the size and value of your fragile possessions.Long Distance Movers NJ

Another key aspect to organization is how you store your items. You will need strong cardboard boxes and plastic bins. Inspect your containers for damage before packing valuables into it. The last thing you want is for a cardboard box to shred, sending your china smashing onto the floor. Wrap up fragile items in bubble wrap and keep them in a secure place that won’t slide around. Make sure your containers are properly labeled as well. This will help expedite the process of unpacking. Finally, organize your belongings from large to small, so the moving truck can be packed efficiently.

Hire A Professional

The simplest way to prepare for a long distance move is to hire someone. Long distance moving companies can simplify the moving process by packing and driving your stuff for you. Long distance movers are required to pay for any items damaged during the move, eliminating the risks of moving. Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage is an ideal company to assist you during your long distance move. If you are considering drastically changing your location, contact Meelheim’s today.  

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