Movers in NJ: Keeping The Spirit While Moving During The Holidays

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There are two circumstances that are sure to overwhelm even the most stable of family schedules: Moving and the holidays. Combining these two forces could make anyone feel like their stress is a large puffy coat with the zipper stuck shut. With the help of expert movers in NJ and these easy tips and tricks for holiday moving, it is possible to stay sane, organized and ready for the festivities, all at once!


The holidays are busy enough without adding moving to your schedule, which is why it’s essential to stay organized and set aside time for packing in between shopping, baking, and holiday parties.

To make sure that your important papers don’t get lost in the shuffle, you may want to consider storing your paper records professionally, which is a service that many movers in NJ offer.

To keep the rest of your stuff safe and in its own place, packing materials such as boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper can help to organize and safely store larger items.

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When you find out the official closing date on your house, you’re going to want to schedule an appointment with professional movers. Whether you’re moving within NJ or elsewhere, having a moving team takes some physical labor off the hands of adults who could be participating in any of the many holiday activities with children, family or friends.


No matter what your moving situation, it’s important to preserve family holiday traditions. Whether it’s decorating the tree or baking sugar cookies, kids look forward to these moments of family bonding. It’s necessary to keep these familiar habits during the moving process, to ease anxieties and reassure family togetherness.

This might mean packing decorations in a special box that can be easily accessed for quick assembling or disassembling, depending on what date your move falls on.


Moving at any time of the year provides a great opportunity for decluttering, but a spring or summer move can sometimes mean lugging those boxes of heavy winter coats from place to place, and waiting until fall comes around to open them up and see what’s really inside.

With a holiday move, you have the opportunity to go through all your summer clothes and declutter as you pack them away, and also declutter as you take out your essentials for staying warm.

Coats that no longer fit can be donated to organizations dedicated to clothing the homeless during the blistering winter months. You can make your move easier, and also make someone’s life a little better, all at once.


There are plenty of community activities and family gatherings to attend during the holiday season. To make things less disruptive for kids, and less stressful for parents, during a holiday move, children might be better off with their aunts, uncles, cousins or grandparents.

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Maybe there’s a holiday movie playing at the community center, or there might be a holiday-themed craft available after school. These distractions will keep kids away from the moving mess, and get their mind off of the possibly upsetting idea of leaving their old house.

Keeping kids busy will leave more time for organizing, boxing, cleaning up and decluttering.


Holidays should be about enjoying the people and things that you have in your life. It is essential during the busy holiday season to take a step a back to relax, enjoy and be grateful. Meelheims Transfer and Storage is dedicated to making your move as painless as possible for all members of your family, and all of their valuables. You can breathe easily during your holiday season by entrusting your family’s most prized possessions in our family’s business, whether it’s  long-distance or local move, contact us for all of your packing, storing and moving necessities.

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