Moving In – What You Should Do First

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You’ve just finished what probably ranks pretty high on your list of most stressful experiences, especially if it’s the first time you’ve moved. Now that you’ve arrived at your new residence and you look at all the boxes to unpack, you may feel the stress returning. First sit down, take a deep breath and celebrate the victory of getting here. Going through the process of moving in and unpacking can be just as overwhelming as packing everything up and moving out was. Relax and take it one step at a time. After moving in, there are some things you should do first that will make the rest of the process to go a bit smoother.

Just Unpack the Necessities

Don’t jump right in and start unpacking everything. Just unpack what you absolutely need. Necessities like toilet paper, soap, paper towels, basic kitchen supplies, and bedding items are typically the first things people unpack. Some people pack a couple boxes with just these items, making them easy to find and unpack after moving in.

Moving In - What You Should Do First

Do a Walkthrough

If you’ve purchased your new residence, you probably already did this before settlement. This is always a good idea, especially if you are renting. Before you start setting up your house, take a walk around your new place and look for any damage that was there before you moved in.

If you find any, take a couple of pictures and send them to your landlord with a friendly note. This will ensure the damage is documented as early as possible, which will hopefully lead to the landlord repairing it or will at least prevent you from being held responsible for it when it’s time to get your security deposit back.

Check Your Belongings for Loss or Damage

Even with a professional moving company, items can be lost or damaged. You typically have a limited amount of time to report any suspected damage or missing items. Most reputable moving companies will do an item/box count after they are completely unloaded and compare it to the bill of lading. Discrepancies are usually dealt with at that time.

Damage isn’t usually found until after the movers have left. While this doesn’t mean you should go through every box right away and check every single item, you’ll want to check larger items like major appliances. If items such as a refrigerator, washer or dryer were moved, get them hooked up and make sure they are working properly.

If the moving company did your packing and you discover a box with a suspicious rattle, open it up and check the contents for breakage. Review your contract to determine liability coverage if you discover a problem.

Moving In - What You Should Do First

Have the Locks Changed

Unless you’ve built a brand new home, someone has lived there before you and may still have keys to your new residence. If you’ve purchased your home, contact the local locksmith and have your locks changed as soon as possible.

If you are renting you will have to consult with your landlord about this. They may want to handle this or they may leave it up to you. A responsible landlord will have already change the locks prior to you moving in. If they didn’t and are unwilling to, have them changed yourself. It’s a small price to pay for your safety and security. You will have to supply the landlord with a new key.

Begin Unpacking and Moving In

Now that you’ve taken care of the moving in basics, you can unpack and get settled in to your new residence. There can be so much stress involved in moving and some of it is just unavoidable. Hiring a professional moving can relieve some of this stress by getting your belongings to your new destination safely and sparing you much of the backbreaking work.

Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage can help you make your move. We have been providing local, long distance and commercial moving services for over 50 years. Over the years, we’ve strived to learn everything we could about moving and relocation services, and continually challenge ourselves to be the best. Talk to us today to plan your move and find out more about how we’re changing the image of the moving industry one move at time.


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