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Moving across the country often proves to be the toughest type of residential moving, second only to an international move. Moving to a new residence located hundreds or thousands of miles away is definitely not something you do lightly. Getting ready to move across the country requires impeccable organization on your part. You need to know what needs to be done before you move in order to take full advantage of the time you have before your moving date. Keep your stress level to a minimum while maintaining your efficiency as high as possible when moving long distance.

Important Tips for Moving Long Distance

Plan Ahead: Moving long distance is a major life event. The best way to make sure your move goes smoothly is to make sure you plan ahead. Reach out to moving companies in your area about three months before you are planning on moving. It is always best to book your mover well in advance, especially in the summer when the moving company’s schedules reach capacity. Plan ahead and make a checklist to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything important before your move.

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Get an estimate: With an in-home moving estimate, a representative from your local moving company will come to your home and conduct a visual survey of all the items you are moving. This allows them to give you an accurate price for your move. It also helps you get a feel for the moving company you may select. If a company you are speaking with does not want to perform an in-home survey, be wary. You may be dealing with a moving broker instead of an actual moving company.

Brokers just book your business and then contract your move out to a physical mover in your area, usually the mover willing to work the cheapest. This can cause problems for you down the road because you have an extra middleman to deal with and he is most likely not working with a reputable company. It is a good idea to verify that the movers you want to hire have a physical location and moving truck.

Research companies: Not all moving companies are created equal. It is a good idea to research different companies to make sure they are an experienced, high quality company. Good places to check include the BBB, Yelp, and Angie’s List. If you’re moving long distance it is also recommended that you hire fully insured and licensed companies.

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Downsize: When moving long distance, the cost of your move is going to be based on the number of items you are moving and how long it takes to load and unload them. Some moving companies may even charge by weight. The more you move, the more you will end up paying. It is usually a good idea to take the time to go through your belongings and decide what you still use and what you can get rid of. Consider holding a garage sale before your move or donating unneeded items. Take the time to consider if you will no longer need certain items at your new home. If you are moving from Maine to Florida, you most likely don’t need to move your snow blower and you can probably donate that box of old sweaters as well.

Consult Professionals when Moving Long Distance

Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage is a NJ mover with over 50 years of experience and many tips for moving. We have a proven reputation for professionalism and efficiency. We have seen and moved just about everything, and can ensure that your items are properly packed as needed. Whether you’re moving long distance or staying local, we have you covered. When you are preparing for a big move, contact Meelheim’s Moving and Storage.


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