Moving With Pets – How To Make It Easier

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Have you ever tried moving your dog’s bed from one room to another? They look at you with so much confusion, and those big enough to do so will try to drag their bed back to the original spot. Pets don’t do well with change. Changing the location of their bed is one thing but moving to an entirely new home will send them for loop that they are not ready for. Moving with pets is hard because it not only gives you anxiety, but your pets get nervous as well. However, there are a few things you can do to make moving a little easier on your pets and, in turn, much easier on you.

Distance Them From The Commotion

When you are moving boxes and furniture out of your old home, you don’t want your pet running around causing all sorts of trouble. Dogs and cats are curious animals. If they see a bunch of activity happening, they are going to want to get involved.

Moving With Pets - How To Make It Easier , NJ movers

Most importantly, you don’t want you or your pet to be injured. Moving with pets in the vicinity is dangerous. Heavy items can be dropped and if they’re sniffing around the area, they have a chance of something falling on them. Also, most pets don’t understand when they are in the way. A loose animal is a good way to trip and fall when carrying an item. Your safest course of action is to put your pet in a cage or isolate them to a single room in the house.

Move Your Pet Last

You don’t want your pet to be the first thing you bring to your new home. If possible, leave them at your old home till you are settled in. If that’s not possible, ask a friend to watch your pet for you or have them stay overnight in a pet daycare for a few days. Most daycares are like mini vacations for your pet, so it’s much better for them to stay there then for them to be surrounded by the commotion of the move.

When you bring your pet into your new home, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Having your new home completely set up will make them feel less anxiety, causing fewer problems for you. Try to have their area in the new home resemble their area in the old home as much as you can. This similarity will help them adjust much faster.

Keep Necessities Accessible

No matter how far your move is, you want to keep all your pet’s necessities easily accessible. This may include food, medicine, leashes, litter boxes, or anything else your pet needs on a daily basis.

Pack these items in a separate bag or box and keep it with you during the entire moving process. Sometimes it can take a while to settle in and unpack every box after a move. And if you have far drive to your new home, you won’t want to stop and get our of your car to get something for your pet. Having your pet’s food and medicine on hand gives you one less thing to worry about while en route to your new home or settling in. Also, you may want to keep a toy or treats close by so that you can distract your pet if need be.

Update Your Pet’s Information

After all the confusion and stress of moving, you may forget the need to update your pet’s veterinary information. If you didn’t move far away from your old home, you can keep going to the same vet. If you moved far away, you’ll not only need to find a new veterinarian but you’ll need to contact your previous veterinarian to have them forward along your pet’s medical history.

Moving With Pets - How To Make It Easier , Moving tips in NJ

It’s best to take care of this before your move takes place. Schedule one last visit so you can make sure your pet is ready for the move. Update their tags or their GPS microchip so that it has your new address. Getting this taken care of beforehand will make moving with pets a lot less stressful.

Stress-Free Moving With Pets

Moving to a new home with your pets can add stress to your process but it doesn’t have to. If you prepare your pet for the move way in advance, then all you have to worry about is the actual move. Meelheims Transfer and Storage has over five decades of industry experience. Whether you’re moving to a new street in the same town or to a new town in a different state, we have the skills and experience needed to accommodate both local and long-distance moves. If you’re looking for a stress-free moving experience, contact us today.

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