Moving Tips For Leaving Your Parent’s House

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Moving out of your parent’s house is one of the first big adult decisions a person makes in their lifetime. Whether it’s across the country for college, or your first apartment in the same town, moving out of your parents’ house is difficult and requires a lot of planning, especially if it’s your first time. Here are some moving tips for when it finally comes time to leave the nest.

Plan Your Budget

Setting a budget for yourself is absolutely essential to survival in the real world. Playing a guessing game with your money is an easy way to suddenly run out. Plenty of people offer moving tips to first-timers, but few will warn you that you might not even have enough saved to make the move!

When you plan your budget, you can round your monthly income down and your expenses up. This will allow you to be prepared for the worst case scenario on any given month. Any extra income is an unexpected treat, and any extra expenses will already be factored in.

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Set Aside a Safety Net

In the event that your budget does fall through, or you have some sort of emergency that adds unexpected expenses, it’s necessary to have a safety net.

Before you even think about moving out, you should have saved enough for the first month’s rent, and the first month’s bills. These two expenses added together are what you can expect to pay monthly. You should save up another month’s worth as a safety net. This ensures that if you suddenly lose your job, you can at least pay for rent and bills for one month while you look for work. This will give you a financial cushion in case of emergency.

Pay Off Any Debts

When moving out, you’ll want to minimize your monthly bills as much as possible. Sometimes, that means staying with mom and dad a little bit longer than expected to eliminate any lingering debts like minor credit cards or other small monthly payments. Ideally, at your next residence, you will only have to pay monthly for rent and utilities, and of course, the occasional student loan and groceries. Any extra bills could potentially put you over your budget, and put you at risk of missing your rent payment.

Ask Your Parents’ Advice

Although you will be moving out in an attempt to put some space between you and your parents, you should still keep in mind that they are your most valuable asset when it comes to wisdom and experience. They taught you how to walk on your own, and ride a bike on your own, so why not ask them for advice on how to live on your own?

They will definitely be able to offer valuable insights, like how to build your credit or recognize financial scams. With their guidance and these moving tips, you can be fully prepared to move out on your own. You will also be less likely to have to someday move back home again.

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One of The Best Moving Tips – Call Professional Movers

All of these moving tips will help, but when it comes to the actual, physical moving, it’s best to call professional movers to preserve and protect your items. Sometimes, the most responsible and adult thing to do in any situation is to leave it to the professionals.

Meelheim’s Transfer & Storage can pack, move and store all of your valuable items. They offer professional packing materials so that your belongings can travel securely. They also provide short-distance or long-distance moving. Contact us today to start learning about all of our shipping and storing options.


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