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Nearly every family who lives in a home has an attic or other storage area filled with various treasures and rarely-seen items. However, whether families want to admit it or not, every single item doesn’t need to be kept. Especially those who are preparing to upgrade to a larger home or downsize to a smaller home. Here are some moving tips that should be considered when deciding which possessions you should pack and which items should be discarded.

Moving Tips for the Family Heirlooms

The attic is a great space to place items out of sight for a period of time. But, there are items stored away that are very meaningful not just to you but to your family. Family photo albums, heirlooms, wedding dresses, military uniforms, trophies, could all be important sentimental items that need to be brought to the new home.

Carefully pick through these items to make sure they are worth bringing to your new home. Once chosen, be sure to handle your sentimental items with care and pack gently to ensure it arrives safely to your new home.

Moving Tips for Forgotten Furniture

There are probably large cumbersome pieces of furniture stored away in the attic that you may have not used or seen in years. If you plan to move to a larger home, these pieces of furniture could be useful until you buy updated furniture in the future. But, if you are downsizing your home then it is best to decide which items of furniture are worth selling, donating, or throwing away.

Moving Tips for Bulky Books

Many families do not have the space in their home to store their book collections in book cases and resort to storing them in their attic. With these items being out of sight, you may not realize how many books you actually own until you finally sit down and comb through your personal library.

If you are moving into a larger home, and you still have a need for most of the books, then bringing them could be a good idea. One of the best moving tips for packing books is to pack them into several small boxes so they are not too heavy to carry.

However, keep in mind that if you don’t have the room, you may not need all your books. Take a thorough look through your books and see which ones you would like to keep and ones that you can give away, sell or donate. You may be surprised how many books you can get rid of.

Moving Tips for Weather Wardrobe

If you keep seasonal clothing in the attic, depending on where you plan to move, you may not need them. If you are moving to a warmer climate where it is never cold or ever snows then you should sell or donate your winter clothing.

Also consider sorting through clothing that you or your children may have grown out of, or items that you simply do not wear anymore shouldn’t be packed and should be donated or thrown away.

Moving Tips for The Holiday Decorations

The attic is a popular place for holiday ornaments and other seasonal decorative items. While most people check these items before every holiday season, it is good to check all decorations once more to ensure that they are ready for the move.

One of the best moving tips is to examine all decorations to confirm that they still work, there is no existing damage, and if you want to bring them to your new home. Be sure to pack your holiday decorations with care as many items could be fragile and can easily be damaged during the move.

All these moving tips will help when it comes to packing up the attic but the best tip is to take your time. It can be overwhelming going through so many various keepsakes at once and determining what items will be coming with you and which ones have to go. Take it slow and focus on what area of your attic at a time, this will help the entire process of packing up the attic.  
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