NJ Movers: What to Move and What to Toss

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When gearing up for a big move, NJ Movers often find themselves staring down a pile of items they don’t know what to do with. Some items are a necessity, some have sentimental value, and others have no value at all. When preparing to move, it is important to make these distinctions so your new residence doesn’t instantly become unnecessarily cluttered.  

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What To Take

First and foremost, NJ movers should gather essential items. All personal documents such as a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, and other forms of identification should be a first priority. Next up is financial documents. Paid bills, credit cards, loan documents, mortgage papers, and other financial information are all indispensable.

Next on the list of things to get ready for your move should be jewelry, precious stones, or personal collections of expensive items. It is important that we filter out collections that aren’t worth much. For example, all of that costume jewelry doesn’t really need to make its way to your new home unless it holds significant sentimental value or goes with a specific outfit. Now is the time to get rid of the pieces you’re not wearing. The same goes for household decorations. You should bring along antiques and valuable paintings while leaving behind inexpensive decorations and art.

When you are emotionally attached to an item, its value greatly increases. This is the more subjective aspect of the move. NJ movers need to decide just how important certain items are in their house. There isn’t a huge need to bring your entire CD and DVD collection to your new house. You should bring movies or albums that you can’t live without and get rid of those you no longer use. The same logic applies to books. Deciding what is important on a sentimental level is one of the more difficult aspects of moving. However, looking through all of your old stuff is a great way to reminisce on all of the fond memories it conjures up.

What To Toss

This is where a move can get complicated. Unless they live a minimalist lifestyle, chances are that NJ movers will have a lot to get rid of. The first thing to get rid of is clothes that you don’t feel comfortable in. Clothing takes up space during a move and most of us hold on to clothes we never wear for convenience sake. Gather up all of your unused clothing and donate it. Not only does make your move more simple, but it will make picking out your next outfit much easier.

Do you like to hold onto gag gifts and free promotional stuff? How many free bottle openers or pens do we really need? NJ movers should clear out those junk drawers and start fresh at their new home.

Over time, many people accumulate an excessive amount of household items like mugs and towels. This results in crowded cabinets and cluttered bathrooms. Instead of bringing this mess to your new home, give away or throw out these items.

Toiletries are another set of items that needlessly accumulate in our homes. Gather together a small bag of essentials and throw out any toiletries you no longer use. This stuff is usually the easiest to let go of so you can save it for the end of your move.

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The Next Step For NJ Movers

Now that their stuff has been sorted out, NJ movers need to find someone to transport the essentials. Meelheims Transfer & Storage has been a trusted New Jersey moving company since 1961. With an A+ rating By the Better Business Bureau, Meelheims is a dependable company with a proven reputation. Whether you need a local or long distance move, Meelheims has you covered. Contact Meelheims Transfer and Storage today to protect your essentials and get moving!

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