Reasons to Consider Off-Site Document Storage in NJ

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Are documents stacking up and getting out of control in your office? Are you starting to fear something could happen to all of your important records and papers? You can take control of the situation with off-site document storage in NJ. Organize the mess to protect your business and make life easier.

Document Storage in NJ

Lack of Space

The average business stores documents for at least seven years. Some businesses even keep every document they have ever produced. This results in a whole lot of paper which is cumbersome, difficult to manage and takes up too much space. In a room that you use for document storage, you could be housing new employees or equipment for your business. Don’t let stacks of paper get in the way of business growth. Hiring a company for document storage in NJ will help you take back your office space and keep moving forward with your business.

Security Risks

Most records that businesses keep include proprietary and confidential information. Storing these documents onsite at your business creates security issues. When you store records yourself, you could be giving access to unauthorized employees or others who shouldn’t be able to access the information. Regardless of how much you trust the people in your office, you shouldn’t give anyone the chance to negatively impact your business. Off-site document storage in NJ restricts access to authorized personnel only, ensuring that your documents remain in the right hands.

Natural Disasters

Aside from guarding your documents from the wrong people, off-site document storage in NJ can protect from natural disasters and “acts of God”. We don’t worry about natural disasters until they have already happened and it is too late. A flash flood can soak your documents, rendering them useless. Earthquakes, inclement weather, and electrical problems cause fires that can undoubtedly destroy all of your files.  Off-site storage companies prepare for such catastrophes and design their facilities with durability and protection in mind. This way, you can protect your business from mother nature.

Record Retrieval

Not only do stacks of documents take up valuable space, but they can be very difficult to manage. Imagine staring at piles upon piles of paper in search of a single document. Even if you have an organizational system, this is going to be an arduous task. Luckily, off-site storage companies have systems in place to streamline the process, making your life much easier. They typically catalog, categorize, and then imprint files with a bar code. The document storage company will add this information into a database, making it easier to search, locate, and retrieve your files. Instead of sifting through countless boxes, a simple database search allows you to quickly access what you need. When you are running a business, time is money, and messing around with unorganized files is not money well spent.

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Recovery Plan

Another great use of off-site document storage in NJ is creating a disaster recovery plan for your business. Some businesses require their documents to be on-site at all times. These businesses would not fare well if every time they needed to pull a file, they had to contact a storage company. In this situation, a business should use an off-site document storage company for backups. This means that you can keep necessary files at your business while protecting yourself in the case of a disaster.

Document Storage In NJ

If you want to save space, organize your files, and protect your business,  you need to find a high-quality company that does document storage in NJ. Meelheims Transfer and Storage specializes in storing paper documents, and they have a proven tracking and retrieval system. Meelheims can assist you in gathering your documents, cataloging the files, and boxing them for storage. Contact Meelheims Transfer and Storage to utilize their 13,000 square foot storage facility and excellent service.


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