Packing Secrets to Make Your NJ Move Quick and Painless

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Packing is one of the most difficult aspects of a move. The safety and care of your belongings as you move them to your new home is of the upmost importance, and you want your things to be safe.

Living in New Jersey (NJ) can mean rough roads. Between fast moving highways and roughed up back streets after the summer, homeowners should be concerned about the safety of their items in transit.

Whether you are moving boxes in your personal car or a furniture truck, everything will travel better if it’s carefully and tightly packed. When things can move around they rub against each other and they increase the chances of damage or breakage.

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Before you call your local NJ moving company, make sure all of your items are carefully and tightly paced for the safest and most optimal moving process.

While the safety of larger items like tables and dressing furniture is up to the movers, there are some best practices that you can use in order to keep your smaller belongings safe in the process of the move.

Pack the Heavier Stuff in Smaller Boxes

Heavier things require more stress on your body and those of the movers. If they are packed in smaller, more manageable boxes, the moving process goes much more smoothly and there is less of a chance of things breaking during transit.

Put Like with Like

Items of similar size, shape and weight travel well together. For this reason, you should pack them together. This decreases the chances of things knocking around in the boxes before the move and will help you plan better for unpacking once you get to your future home.

Safeguard the Little Things

Tape a small item to a larger item so it won’t get lost. For example, you can tape your game controller to the side of you game system so they don’t get lost in transit. Another option is to wrap it in a piece of colored paper so it’s more visible when you’re unpacking.

Use Old Sheets to Protect Mattresses

Old sheets aren’t just for painting. You can wrap your old sheets around your mattress to protect it from dirt and grime during the move, bringing it into your new home as fresh and clean as it was in your old home.

Use Electronic Boxes inside Your Moving Boxes

Did you save the original boxes that your electronics came in? Pack the electronics in those old boxes before you put them in the new ones. The box was made to fit that piece of hardware, keeping it safer during the move. In addition, it adds an extra layer of padding to protect against bumps and jostles.

Use Soft Stuff for Padding

You can use anything soft that you’re moving to pad items that might need a little extra cushion. Even clothing works! Wrap your fragile items in sheets, towels, or anything else soft that needs to be packed anyways.

Get Smart with your Labeling

The unpacking process will go a lot more smoothly if you’re smart with your labeling while you’re packing. The movers should be able to tell from your label what floor and room each box should go into, taking away a lot of the work load for you once they’re gone.

Create and Exit Box

Reserve an extra box for the items you know you’re going to need the minute you arrive. This will become important if you don’t have the energy to start unpacking as soon as you get there.

Choose a moving company that reliable, experience and understands your moving needs.

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Meelheims Transfer & Storage, Inc. is a family moving, transfer and storage company based in South Toms River, NJ. We’re here to help your NJ Move go as smoothly as possible. For more information on how we can assist you in your move, contact us.

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