Preparing for a Move: Moving with Children and Pets

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There is no doubt that moving is stressful. There is so much to think about and a lot needs to be completed in a short amount of time. As stressful as the move is for you, preparing for a move with your children and pets can be equally taxing. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips to make your move go smoothly.

Preparing for a Move: Valuable Tips

Before the Move: Let your children know about the move as soon as possible. This will give them a chance to get used to the idea. Consider allowing them to help with the preparation by letting them pick out the color to help paint their rooms. If possible, visit your new neighborhood, show them where their new school will be and other fun locations like the playground or movie theater.

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If your pets have a difficult time in the car, try spending some time by taking them for short trips to get them used to riding in the car. If you have to fly to your new destination, make sure you know the airline’s policy on flying with animals. If necessary, consider taking your pet to the vet for a checkup, ask about any anxiety medication you can give to your pet to make their transition a little smoother.

Moving Day: When moving day actually comes, prepare for it to be hectic. Consider leaving young children with a babysitter or with a family member who can keep them occupied while the move is taking place, as they can sometimes slow down the movers. If possible, try to pack your children’s belongings separately from everything else. Allowing them to unpack their own things will let them feel like they get to help and they get to set up their own bedroom.

If hiring a pet sitter is not an option, consider sequestering your animals to a spare bedroom or a bathroom in a low-traffic area of the home. If it is not feasible to completely remove your pets, it may be in everyone’s best interest to take frequent breaks, go outside if necessary and make sure your pet has plenty of water and toys to keep them occupied.

Post Move: Routines are important to children. Moving creates a big shift in their routine so any part you can keep intact or replicate will help them adjust to their new home and surroundings. Get your children’s rooms set up as quickly as possible and stick to the floor plan of their old room as much as possible. Unpacking all their favorite things so they can see or play with them will make them feel more comfortable.

Routines are also important when it comes to your family’s activities. If the kitchen isn’t set up for Taco Tuesday, take a break from unpacking and check out the local taco joint in your new neighborhood. Or maybe it’s movie night but it doesn’t seem as appealing surrounded by all the boxes. Go check out the local movie theater. While it may not be the same as movie night at home, it could be a good distraction for the whole family.

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Adjusting to a new home can be difficult for the family pets, so it is important to stick to their routines as well. Feed them at their normal time and put their food bowls and beds in a place similar to where they were in your old home. You should walk them at the same time as always, giving you both a little break from the chaos. If you have cats, make sure they know where to find the litter box in their new home.

Until they have settled in, don’t leave your pets outside unattended.Make sure that their collar tags and microchips are updated. It is not uncommon for a pet to try to find its way back to their previous home and become lost.

Make Preparing for a Move Easier

Moving is tough on the whole family, so you will want to look for ways to make it easier on everyone. When preparing for a move, it’s always a good idea to consider hiring a professional moving company. This will take a lot of stress ff Mom and Dad and allow them to give their children and the family pets the attention they need when moving to a new home.

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