Protect Yourself With These Important Moving Safety Tips

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There is so much going on during moving day, sometimes we forget about our safety. With heavy objects, flights of stairs, and many people helping out, moving can be risky. By following these important moving safety tips, you can make it to your new place without a mishap.

Avoiding Injuries

Moving requires a sizable amount of heavy lifting, which can cause an injury if not done correctly. Back injuries are common for those who aren’t used to picking up heavy objects. Make sure to always lift with your legs rather than your back. Putting too much pressure on your back can cause herniated discs, a spinal injury caused by inflexibility and overexertion. Heavy lifting can also cause sprains or pulled muscles.

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One of the best moving safety tips to avoid such injuries is stretching prior to lifting. Dehydration also contributes to muscle injuries. Drink plenty of water and make sure to work within your limits. If you have any question about carrying an extra box, it is best to avoid it.

During moving day, you are also at risk for other types of injuries. You can catch your fingers under heavy objects or drop something onto your feet. Movers must remain aware of their surroundings and stay in open communication to avoid bumping into walls or each other. By following these moving safety tips, you can avoid unfortunate situations.

Safety Equipment

Having the proper equipment is another one of the most important moving safety tips. With the right tools, you can lessen the strain on your body while moving. Also, make sure to wear gloves. They help protect your fingers from splinters and small cuts and also give you a better grip on heavy or slippery objects.

Hand trucks and dollies make it much easier to lift and move oversized objects like cabinets and furniture. Furniture sliders simplify sliding sofas and large chairs to different parts of the room. There are also straps called forearm forklifts which aid in moving large and awkward objects. Finally, make sure you wear good sneakers that will give you traction as well as protect your feet from injury.

Moving Safety Rules

There are a few more moving safety tips to keep in mind to make your move safer. Avoid wearing baggy or oversized clothing which could get caught on heavy objects. Form fitting clothing is often cooler and aids flexibility which is ideal for moving.

It is better to move in the morning when everyone is energized and you have the entire day to move. A move becomes more dangerous when you are in a time crunch and everyone is rushing. Also, stay aware of the forecast so you know whether or not you will need mops and towels in the event of inclement weather.

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Finally, if you have children or pets, consider hiring a babysitter or dog walker to keep them out of the house for the day. Children and pets often complicate the process and open up more possibilities for injuries. Following these moving safety tips can protect your family as well as your belongings.

Moving Safety Tips From Professionals

The ultimate moving safety tip is hiring an experienced moving company to do the work for you. Trained professionals will know these strategies and more to ensure a smooth transition. Meelheims Transfer and Storage has over 50 years of experience and knows how to get the job done. We take can take care of the heavy lifting for you so you don’t need to worry about getting hurt. We have an A+ rating by the better business bureau and a proven reputation for professionalism. Whether your move is local or long distance, we have you covered. To move to a new place safely and efficiently, contact us today.

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