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Your kids have moved on, and you’ve sold your family home in favor of a more appropriately-sized retirement property. There are many things to consider while sifting through memories that have been accumulated over the course of a lifetime. Hiring professional senior movers can keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Check out these helpful tips for downsizing.

Decide What Can Go

It can be difficult to decide what to keep and what to purge when downsizing. It’s important to hold onto cherished memorabilia, but also to rid yourself of useless clutter. A good rule of thumb for this process is the Five Year Rule.

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If you haven’t used an item within the last five years, it’s safe to assume that you can live without it. Any items having to do with past careers, like business attire or old work files, should be the first to go.

Moving is the time to finally throw away incomplete projects. If something is broken, throw it out. Ridding yourself of unfinished projects will also relieve stress, and allow you to mentally prepare for new projects and hobbies.

Donate Old Clothes

The Five Year Rule also holds true for clothes. Any clothes that haven’t been worn in 5 years, or simply no longer fit, should be thrown away or donated to charity. Professional senior movers can also assist with transporting these unwanted items to the accepting organization.

Make sure that the items you send to a charity are in usable condition. Old, or worn out, items should be tossed out. This process of elimination saves charities time.

If you have lightly-used, name-brand clothing, you may consider selling them to a consignment shop. This is a simple way for recent retirees to declutter and downsize while putting a little extra cash in their pockets.

Have a Garage Sale

Aside from clothes, there are plenty of trinkets, sports gear, or collections that there might not be enough space for in your new home. Retiring is about adopting a new lifestyle, one that may not include dated decorations or old home furnishings.

These items are better off being sold cheaply to others who can use them. You will feel better knowing that your stuff will have a second chance at life and that you’ve managed to add a little bit of money to your retirement savings.

Give Treasured Heirlooms to Children

There are some items that hold sentimental value, but still, do not fit into your new home or retired lifestyle. These items might be as large as an antique car, or as tiny as a jewelry box. If an item has been passed down through multiple generations, it might be best to keep tradition alive and pass them on to your children.

Although ridding yourself of excess belongings is one thing, you don’t want to get too carried away and wind up throwing away something that your future grandchildren might cherish. Heirlooms are the caveat to The Five Year Rule.

A good rule of thumb for heirlooms is if they have survived 2 or more generations, consider family members who might appreciate the nostalgia. Senior movers can help to professionally protect these cherished items during your move.

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Leave The Heavy Lifting to Senior Movers

In the past, family and friends might have helped with the moving process. By the time you retire, your children may be busy with their own families, and many friends may not be in physical condition for moving heavy boxes.

It’s important to enlist professional senior movers to make sure that your items are packaged and transported correctly, and with ease. Now that you’ve eliminated the unimportant things, it’s even more necessary to protect the few cherished pieces that you will be bringing along on your move.

Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage has everything you need to properly package, move and even store your most valuable assets. Their professional team can move virtually any item, including large, specialty items. They can also professionally store any important documents or heirlooms during your move. Contact Meelheim’s today for any of your moving or storage needs.

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