10 Romantic Things to Do When You’re Moving in with Your Partner Around Valentine’s Day

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Sometimes you get caught moving over the holidays, or other important times in your life. This month is Valentine’s day, and for the lucky couples who got caught having to go through a move around this romantic holiday, we have some ideas about how to spice it up in your new home.

For more information on how you can make your move around Valentine’s day quick and easy for NJ movers, contact your local leading moving company.

In the meantime, try a few of these tips for celebrating Valentine’s day in your brand new home, right after moving with NJ movers.

Give an in-home massage.

Did you just get to your home? Give your significant other an in-home massage for Valentine’s day. This is something simple and romantic that you can do together at home, and doesn’t require a lot of outside assistance.

Romantic notes – tuck them into the boxes.

When you’re packing up your boxes, stuff some romantic notes inside for your significant other. This way, when they’re unpacking the boxed, they’ll see the notes and receive a little dose of romance during the move.

Besides, who doesn’t like receiving little random love notes during a stressful move.

Take a romantic bubble bath.

Take a romantic bubble bath (if your new home has a bath) with your partner for Valentine’s day. This will not only pump up the romance, but will help you get acquainted with your new home in a more intimate way.

Eat some take-out together in your new home.

The first couple of nights in your home probably won’t be nights with a packed fridge. Instead, curl up with your partner for some takeout and a romantic movie. This will help you to unwind and spend some time together over this romantic holiday, without the stress of cooking while all of your things are still packed.

Make breakfast in bed.

Making each other breakfast in bed is a great way to get intimate with your partner in your new home. It gives the impression that you don’t have to leave in order to be romantic with your partner, will help you grow closer in your new home.

Tell your NJ movers you’ll want to be cooking soon when you get in to your new home, and they’ll help you organize your boxes so you can reach your more needed items first.

Light a romantic fire.

Let your NJ movers know if you’ll be lighting a fire right after you move in, to help celebrate Valentine’s day. This way, they’ll make sure not to block the fireplace or put any flammable items near it.

There is no better way to get acquainted with a new home in a romantic setting than lighting a fire and hanging out with the person you love.

Make each other meals for the next day.

Get to cooking in your new home by doing something small for your significant other – make them lunch for the next day with a homemade touch.

Spread some TLC.

Everyone is stressed out after a move, and might need some tender loving care (TLC). Spend some time just catching up, cuddling, or doing any other type of activity that might bring you and your partner closer together this holiday season.

Listening to music in your new home.

Pump up the jams while you’re unpacking with a little bit of a romantic twist for the Valentine’s Day holiday. This will help you get into the romantic mood, while also helping you be a little more productive while unpacking boxes.

Giving each other your own space – tell NJ movers.

Help to create a little nest for your significant other in your new home – somewhere they can to just let loose on their own. Not only will this help you settle your new home, but it will be romantic to give your partner something just for them.

Let your NJ movers know if certain boxes need to be placed in certain rooms to prepare for any of the activities above, and a happy Valentine’s Day to all those couples planning on moving in together during this romantic season.

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