Senior Movers: Choosing a Senior Retirement Community

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With your family grown and out of the house, it’s time to start thinking about where you would like to spend the next phase of your life. Are you going to downsize?  What should you do with all the extra stuff you have accumulated over the years? How do you begin this moving process? Senior movers looking to choose the right retirement community should consider these downsizing tips to help prepare for their move.

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Downsizing Tips for Senior Movers

Make a Plan- For a move involving more downsizing than usual, organization is key. Get a calendar and plan which days are ideal for you to begin and what your packing goals are. Make note of who needs to participate whether it be professional movers or a friend that is pitching in. Be sure to get on the same page as those who will be involved in your move so everyone knows what days/times they need to be present and what the plan for the day is.

Make a List- Before you start going through your things, consider making a list of all of the important things that you definitely want to bring to your new destination. It will save you the time and mess of going through your home and taking things out. If you can’t think of a good reason that you absolutely need to have something with you, you probably will not need to bring it.

Get Rid of Unsentimental Junk- By starting with your kitchen and garage, you will be able to quickly get rid of things you will not need when you relocate. You’ll be able to toss appliances you don’t use often and clean up as you go. You can get rid of the lawnmower and other landscaping tools that are taking up space in the garage since you probably won’t need it at your retirement community. Starting the moving process in these often cluttered rooms will make taking on bedrooms and closets much easier.

Visit Your New Home Frequently- Senior movers relocating to a retirement community should try to visit their new home frequently before the move, if possible. Can you picture all of your favorite possessions around you? Do you know where everything will go? Can you figure out what is no longer necessary to have? These questions may help when it comes to deciding what to keep. You will actually be able to visualize things in your new home, making it easier to decide what to throw away or donate while you’re organizing and cleaning out your current home. Don’t waste time packing unnecessary objects only to throw them away at your new destination.

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Thing to Consider in Your New Location

Activities and Hobbies- When choosing a retirement community, look for locations and activities that you may enjoy. If you have chosen a location like Florida, you will be in a warm and sunny climate all year round. You’ll have access to hobbies like golf and swimming on a regular basis. If you have chosen a location in the mountains, you will be able to take full advantage of the skiing season. Try connecting with other retirees that share the same interests as you. Consider looking for places that have a community-focused vibe where you will be able to meet people with similar interests and hobbies as you.

Medical Care- You are likely to need additional medical care as you age, regardless of the health you are in now. Find a location that has excellent medical facilities. Did you know that college towns that house medical schools could be a great location to relocate to? They often have some of the best medical care available and they often have great places for entertainment and affordable dining.

Transportation-  The last thing you would want to feel after moving is isolated. Consider places that offer public transportation and figure out what kind of schedules they are on. If you are taking your car, figure out what rush hour looks like and what kind of parking facilities are available to you.

Cost of Living- One of the biggest deciding factors senior movers need to consider when choosing a retirement community is the cost. Many retired people live on fixed incomes, meaning they have a predetermined amount of money to spend monthly. While an expensive community with all the bells and whistles might seem appealing at first, you want to make sure that you have sufficient funds to actually enjoy your retirement.

Moving to a Retirement Community? Hire a Professional Mover

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