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It’s that time of year– moving time! Some of us are headed back to school and packing up for a college dorm or apartment, while others of us are moving out of our beach house and back to normal life in the city. Whatever is driving your move, try and embrace the change that is coming your way! However no matter how fun and exciting a move may be, it can sometimes be a challenge to settle into a new place. Here are some tips on acclimating yourself to your newest habitat.

Arrange Furniture

The quickest way to make your new house feel like a home, is to set it up like one. It can be overwhelming knowing where to start once the NJ movers dump all your boxes in your new home, so try and prioritize before the move what you will do first. Maybe even draw a rough layout of your new living room and bedroom and decide where certain furniture will go. That way the movers won’t just put all the furniture haphazardly around– you’ll be able to direct them to your bed and couches’ new permanent spots.

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The best part about arranging your furniture soon after you move in, is that you’ll have a place to put up your feet and rest your head after a long day’s work unpacking. A transition like a move can be stressful, so keep the environment as comfortable as possible. Bump some of your favorite tunes and make the moving process into a party!

Familiarize Pets

You may be moving with a pet as well. It’s important to consider their stress levels when moving. Movers in NJ will often cater to your pets accordingly. It may be helpful to keep pets out of the way when moving or even staying with a friend that day. Or perhaps your NJ mover will even help move your fish tank or cat crate for you. Don’t be afraid to speak up when it comes to your pets. NJ movers are careful and considerate when it comes to moving your pets to a new, foreign environment.

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What can you do to put your pet at ease in their new place? Pets often lead with their noses, so keep a lot of familiar smells around them, whether that’s the smell of you or the smell of their favorite blanket and chew toy. It may be a new home, but a lot of what’s inside will stay the same. Spend some extra time with your pet once you move into your new place to remind them you’re still by their side even in this new environment. They may need some extra lovin’!

Meet your Neighbors

Moving into a new place can be a bit intimidating, and even lonely if you’re trying this move out all on your own. So put on your best smile and be as outgoing and as welcoming as you can when you first move in. You’ll be surprised how many neighbors reach out to you as well. Hosting a housewarming party for the block (or for your dorm hallway) may even be the best bet in meeting everyone at once and full introducing yourself. Neighbors may even have some furniture or decoration tips to share.

Moving can be a big task physically and emotionally. Let movers in NJ do the physical part for you, while you handle the steps of becoming acclimated in a new place. Remember it may feel intimidating at first, but all changes can be exciting. To schedule a move or to ask for any moving supplies or advice contact us today at Meelheims!


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