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Have you sold your home or is the lease to your apartment expiring this winter? You should consider hiring professional South Jersey movers. Moving during the winter months can pose several challenges, but there are strategies to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Indoor Preparations

There are several ways to prepare the interior of your home for South Jersey movers. Snowy weather can soak shoes, and tracking snow and mud into the home can be quite destructive to carpets and flooring. Also, wet shoes reduce traction, creating potential safety hazards. Someone could also slip and fall while carrying heavy boxes. The last thing you want is someone injured or to ruin the floors the day you leave.

Lay cardboard down around the entrance to the building as a temporary floor mat. It is always smart to keep a towel hanging in the same area to wipe off anything that the cardboard doesn’t absorb. These precautions make a winter move much more safe and clean.

Outdoor Preparations

It is always important to pay attention to the weather during a winter move. Snow and ice leave the sidewalk wet, slippery, and dangerous.  In the case of snowy weather, professional South Jersey movers shovel and salt the sidewalk. If the snow is really coming down, setting up tents from the entrance of the building to the moving truck can be beneficial. Also, it is important to budget time wisely. During winter, the sun goes down early which can lead to lower temperatures and safety risks. Starting early and watching the clock can go a long way to guarantee your move goes smoothly.

South Jersey Movers: Moving in Winter Weather

Traveling to Your New Home

If you are driving to your new home, automobile safety is very important to maintain during a winter move. If you are going along for the ride, check your tire pressure and tread quality before getting on the road. Worn down tire tread can cause a vehicle to slide out on frozen and slippery roadways. Low tire pressure can lead to a blowout, leaving you stranded in the cold of winter. In case this happens, it is important to have the proper emergency supplies. You should bring along an emergency kit filled with a windshield scraper, gloves, first aid, and a shovel. This is the best way to assure warmth and safety in a worst case scenario.

In very cold weather, houseplants can wilt and die, plates and glasses can crack, and electronics can malfunction. The storage area in a moving van typically isn’t heated, so you may want to consider moving these items in your personal vehicle to keep them warm.

Personal Preparations

The best way to stay warm during a winter move is to let the professionals take care of everything. However, some people like to be involved in the process. If you decide to traverse the cold, it’s best to dress in layers. Moving requires a degree of dexterity and flexibility that simply isn’t possible in a bulky coat. Wearing several layers of clothing can keep you warm without having to lug around a large winter jacket. Also, it is more efficient to remove light layers than a hefty coat with little clothing underneath it. You should also consider having hot beverages to drink during a move. In the cold of winter, some coffee or cocoa can go a long way in keeping movers cozy and energized.

NJ MoversHire Professional South Jersey Movers

Meelheim’s Transfer and Storage is aware of all the necessary precautions for a safe and warm winter move. A team of trained professionals will ensure your new and old homes are protected from the inside and out. Whether it be a local or long distance move, Meelheim’s has you covered. Contact Meelheim’s to ease the stress of a winter move.

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