Take the Pressure Out of Your Office Move

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Moving is a lot of pressure – especially when it’s in a work-related environment. This can be even more stressful if you’re executing an office move for a business which you don’t own.

To take the pressure out of moving your New Jersey (NJ office, consider hiring a professional and doing more to plan ahead for the move.

For more information on moving your NJ office to a new location without any stress, contact your local leading moving experts for advice.

In the meantime, check out the following tips to moving your NJ office, helping you to both plan ahead and make the process the least stressful possible.

Find the perfect location for your new NJ office.

Starting with location is the easiest way to make sure your move is as quick and painless as possible. Start by thinking about the ways in which your current office is insufficient – this will give you a starting point about what to look for in a new office.

In addition, think about the things you really like about your current office and make sure those attributes will exist in the new one. This information will also help you in the packing process, as  knowing what you like about your current office will help you organize your items when packing.

Assign a project manager to handle the office move.

It’s impossible to run a business, do all of your current responsibilities, and move the business forward while also planning a move.

Treat the move just like you would any other time-consuming project. Assign it to a reliable member of your team that you think would do the best job, and make sure you’re putting enough time on their calendar to accomplish the task in the best way possible.

Have professionals handle the big items and the electronics.

Chances are your employees aren’t going to want to come in on a Saturday to move big ticket items like their desks and electronics. Having a moving company handle these details is your best option, as it’s often the greatest amount of safety and speed.

Budget for a professional moving service to come and help you move your office ahead of time, as a part of the entire moving cost.

Move with your office floor plan in mind.

When packing items, buying new furniture, and deciding what to keep or throw away, move with your new office floor plan in mind.

The new floor plan will help you organize items as you pack them, and help you unload in such a way that your employees and office will be optimally productive. In addition, if you know where everything is going ahead of time, you’ll have an easier time finding it once you get to your new space.

Organize your team before you start unpacking all your items.

Finally, the mess and the organization starts with your team. If they’re not organized and aware of everything they need to be doing, then you won’t be either.

Assign tasks accordingly, and make sure everyone is on board with exactly what they need to do to make the move happen. Enlisting your employees in the process will make it go faster, and also help everyone feel like they’re a part of the process themselves.

Meelheims Moving provides local, long distance and commercial moving services – and has been for over 50 years. Call us for assistance with your NJ move.

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