Top 3 To-Do’s on Your Cross Country Move

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Not all of us are planners. Not all of us want to be planners. But when it comes to moving — especially moving across the country, it’s helpful to do at least a little planning. So whoever has the planning gene in the family, get working on a to-do list as soon as you decide to move. Even if it’s six months away, it’s never too early to start preparing for such a major life change. So what should be at the top of your cross country move to-do list?

Donate, Throw Away, Sell!!!!

Any move is a good opportunity to reevaluate what you own. What do you need? What means the most to you? What can you not live without? For everything that qualifies under these questions, sure keep them! But for those clothes, video games, and household appliances that you’ve stuffed away in nooks and crannies, why not donate or sell them. There’s bound to be someone out there who could make better use of certain items more than you. Goodwill is a good donation stop, and for those of you looking to sell, Craigslist is also a wonderful option. Don’t completely rule out the possibility of getting some money for your unwanted things. Craigslist will surprise you!


Take Care of your Car

When moving across the country consider what you will do with your car. First of all, are you moving somewhere where you will even need your car? For people moving to say, New York City, it may be wise to sell your car prior to the move because when will you actually use it? For those of you moving to a city where driving will still be a definite means of transportation, consider whether you will be driving your car to your new home, or shipping it. For families just moving a couple states away, it’s probably pretty feasible to drive and to even use your car as a place to pack last minute, forgotten items. But for people moving from one coast to the other, you may want to look into shipping your vehicle, as you will likely be flying to your new home.


Hire Reliable and Affordable Movers

Hiring movers should definitely be in the top three of your cross country moving to-do list. With such a major move, it would be so much more difficult, not to mention time consuming trying to move all on your own. Movers can make a world of a difference. So, again as soon as you know you will be moving, start researching different moving companies. Some may only move within a state, so make sure you find one that will move you from one state to another. It’s also smart to compare prices among different movers, and have them come to your home for an estimate. The cost of your move will likely depend on two factors: the amount/weight of things needed to be moved and the distance that you will be moving them. Again this is where item number one on the list comes into play. Downsizing before a move can also make moving a lot cheaper, not to mention less of a hassle.

Communicating with movers ahead of time can reduce a lot of stress on moving day. You can decide together what they will pack and what you will pack. Movers understand certain privacy issues and should respect any concerns you have about moving certain special items.

Let a cross country move be an exciting, fun change in your life, not a stressful situation. So hire movers and plan ahead, so that your move goes smoothly. Contact us today at Meelheim’s for any local or long distance moves.

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