Unpacking Tips for a Stress Free Start in Your New Home

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Every aspect of moving can be stressful. Unpacking all your belongings can be just as bad as packing them. The moving van has been emptied and you get a good look at the cardboard chaos that is scattered about your new home. Anxiety sets in. Your first instinct is to get everything unpacked as quickly as possible. Before you rip the packing tape off any of the boxes, take a deep breath. Unpacking in an organized way will make the task go smoother and keep you from being overwhelmed. These tips could help streamline the process.

Unpacking Tips for a Stress Free Start in Your New Home

Clean Before Unpacking

Whether you purchased your new place or are renting, the previous residents or the landlord should have left it clean for you. It goes without saying, things don’t always go the way they should.

Before you open any boxes, take a good look around. If anything needs to be cleaned, it’s best to do it before you unpack. Even if it looks fine, it never hurts to run the vacuum or wipe down the walls. You don’t have to clean the whole house at one time. Clean room by room, unpacking as you go.

Begin with the Bedrooms

Regardless of how many there are, the bedrooms are the best place to start unpacking. First get the beds set up with fresh sheets and cozy comforters. After a long day of unpacking, you’re going to want a comfortable place to crash.

As much as possible, let everyone be responsible for unpacking their own bedroom and setting up their personal space. Small children will need assistance, but letting them be involved allows them to claim their territory and feel at home.


Get the Kitchen Set Up

While you probably won’t be whipping up any gourmet meals the first couple of days in your new home, you’ll still need to eat.  Even if you’re only having sandwiches, a microwaved meal or ordering take out, you may need plates or utensils.

Then there’s breakfast the first morning in your new home. After all that unpacking and a good night’s sleep, you’re probably going to be starving. Even plain old cereal requires a bowl and a spoon. And don’t forget the caffeine addicts. Make sure the coffee pot is set up and there are mugs.

Unpacking Tips for a Stress Free Start in Your New Home

Move On to the Bathroom

The next stop is the bathroom. If you have more than one, it may be best to set up the main bathroom first, especially if you have children or roommates. If it is just you and your spouse or partner, unpacking the master bath first will probably be more convenient.

Put up the shower curtain, hang your towels and stock the vanity and medicine cabinet with your toiletries and other sundry items. A nice hot shower before bed on your first night will relax you and help you sleep better.

Finally, the Living Room

Once the kitchen and bathroom are functional, it’s time to get started on the living room. If your new home has a den or a family room as well you might want to do that first. By the time you’ve reached these rooms, the process will be less urgent.

Take your time to decide where each piece of furniture should go. You may even want to sketch it out on paper first in hopes of avoiding multiple furniture moves. After the furniture is in place, you can decide where to hang any art or wall decor you might have.

Other Unpacking Tips

You probably moved with a few suitcases packed with the necessary clothing. Now it’s time to unpack the rest of your clothes and fill your closets and drawers.

As you moved from room to room there may have been boxes left behind to unpack later. Back track and open every box. A box that gets shoved in the back of the closet without breaking the seal is liable to be found months, even years later, unopened.

Also, reorganize as you go. As you are unpacking you are bound to find things that can be stored or things you no longer need and shouldn’t have packed in the first place. Toss the things you don’t want, eliminating clutter in your new home and repack the items that are destined for the attic or basement.

Unpacking doesn’t have to be stressful if you go about it in an organized manner. Hiring a reputable moving company can also decrease the stress level of a move. With more than 50 years experience, Meelheims Moving and Storage knows how to get the job done right.

We’re always on the go, and we’re ready to help you get wherever your moving adventures are taking you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re moving your home or business, if you’re staying local or moving long distance — we’re always down for the task at hand. Talk to us today to find out more about how we’re changing the image of the moving industry one move at a time.


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