What Season Should You Move During?

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Not all of us can predict when we are going to have to pick up and move. Moving may depend on a sudden job transplant, a sudden pregnancy, or even a family emergency. But for the more calculated moves that you can plan well in advance, definitely consider the time of the year and the weather when considering a moving date. Here are some important pros and cons as to why:

Moving During the Summer

If most people could choose to move any time of the year, they would pick the summer. And this is one of the primary reasons why your moving company may advise against it! Sure, the weather is great and rain is usually not an issue. Summer is also convenient because your kids won’t be in school, meaning they can help with the packing and won’t have to potentially relocate schools mid-session. During this time of year, it may also be easier for adults to take time off work, as businesses usually slow down a bit in the summer time. This gives family more time to move and to adapt to a new environment. However, with everyone having these similar thoughts, the cost of hiring a moving company can rise dramatically. Summer is also the most competitive time of year to find real estate–whether you’re buying or renting, so people are advised to either wait until the fall or to strategically plan ahead of time.

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Moving During the Winter

The most obvious drawback to winter is the weather. Moving boxes is already a pain without having to dodge snow piles and ice patches, although hiring a moving company will take this stressor out of the occasion. Another major drawback to moving during the winter is that there are so many holidays around this time. Winter time can already be stressful enough celebrating Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and the New Year’s. There’s no need to add moving on top of all of that! However, most people have this mindset, so moving during the winter does eliminate all chance of competition. Thus, hiring a moving company will be significantly less expensive this time of year.

Moving During the Fall/Spring

Moving during the fall is ideal because the weather still is generally nice out, but the competition for real estate and for hiring a moving company is much lower, meaning lower prices as well. Although a few more people choose to move during the spring, it is also a season that doesn’t involve as much competition in terms of hiring a moving company or finding real estate. The only drawback to moving during the fall or spring season is that for families with kids, it may be tough. Maybe your move will not involve relocating schools, but if it does it may be better to put off your move until after the school year, or at least until the semester break.

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All in all, it really depends on your specific situation whether you choose to move during the summer or the winter or even spring or fall. Havings kids is an important factor to consider, as well as the distance of your move. As previously mentioned, not all moves can be very much anticipated, but for those that can take the time to plan as much as possible to make the entire process a little more enjoyable for everyone involved. It is in fact an exciting time! If you or anyone you know is looking to hire a moving company, give us a call today at Meelheim’s and we’ll answer any questions you may have about the moving process.

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